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On Specialty Truck Finance started out more than a decade ago, and has quickly grown to be a trusted provider of 2nd and 3rd tier specialty truck financing for owners across the nation.  Our approach to lending for specialty truck owners allows us to provide an unique approach to provide lending where we actually specialize in financing for owners even if they have less than perfect credit.  The approach we use allows more would-be owners actually get the financing they need so they can get in the drivers seat faster and with less hassles than if they were to take a more traditional path with a bank.

The lending approach we adopted is unlike other financing options for specialty trucks in that we service the specialty truck market by providing the hard-to-get and much needed capital despite the tightened restrictions in the current credit environment.  This approach allows us to help you finance specialty trucks, like, box trucks, bucket trucks, dump trucks and tow trucks in a way the competition simply can’t beat!

Benefits to Getting Pre-approved

We don’t try to sell you one of our trucks, we don’t sell them!  You can purchase truck anywhere you like.  The benefits to getting pre-approved, include:

  • Better negotiating power!
  • Speed of purchase (don’t loose that perfect truck while your waiting to get your financing)!
  • Know how much your approved for!
  • Know what your terms will be!
  • And more!

Get pre-approved now, and then go pick up the truck!

How We Work With Owners

It’s important to know that one of the factors that differentiates us from competitors is that we underwrite our own deals!  Therefore, there is no reliance on bank lines for funding the deal for your new truck.  Such an arrangement is beneficial to you, as the owner, as this approach frees up the money for a loan and gets you into your truck faster, and with less hassles.  We judge on your character and not necessarily your credit history.  With this unique approach to financing, we can help you even if you can’t get traditional financing .

Essentially, this approach works in your favor as an owner.  With the additional flexibility, it allows us to provide higher-levels of service and get you into the specialty truck you want!  Do you have additional questions?  Let’s talk and work something out.  You can contact us today at (520) 447-2744 or fill-out the form to get in touch with a specialist now!

Note: We serve people and help finance trucks for people with bad credit every day. If you’re looking for a non-traditonal finance solution, you’re in the right place! See if we can help you, and apply today!

Your application is never shopped around!  We are the bank.